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Nevis Group was started in 1999 to provide embedded systems design on a contract basis. This included Embedded software and hardware design while providing these services to our customers several of them asked if we could take a look at a PLC here and there. Pretty soon we were doing as many PLCs as embedded systems. In 2016 Nevis Automation was formed to better communicate our skills offerings. Nevis Group focuses on embedded systems design and developement while Nevis Automation focuses on machine and motion control.

Our Mission

Our Mission is quite simple. Provide value to our customers in the form of machine controls and embedded systems design. We achieve this by listening to what our customers are asking for and interacting with them early in the process so that we share the same vision.

Our Plan

To sit down and interactively discuss what the final goal of the project is. We have often found that getting mired in details will tend to cause us to lose sight of the goal. We will start the conversation with defining the ultimate goal, then working through the details to get there. Always maintaining the 30,000 foot view is important.

Our Vision

Simple, Provide the simplest most cost effective solutions to problems. This is accomplished by not just listening but interacting with our clients.


Between Nevis Group and Nevis Automation we can provide a wide variety of services.

Embedded Systems Programming

We provide real-time embedded systems programming and software design from the humble 8051 in assembly language to the multi-core Linux machine in Python,

Electronics Design

We can help design the electronics and circuit boards for your products.

PCB Layout

We can design and source the printed circuit boards for your design. We have suppliers both domestic and in China.

PLC Programing

We have programmed many diffent types of PLCs. From little 'brick' PLCs to PC based automation controllers We always try to find the right PLC for the job. Many integrators only use one PLC because that is the one that they know. We have worked with dozens and we can choose the one that makes the most sense for the dollar.

Motion Control

It used to be that motion contol was an air cylinder and a clutch, now it has become quite sophisticated. Electronic line shafting requires many servos to be in exact sync with each other. Electronic camming allows cam profile to change on the fly. We have worked with many brands of motion controllers. Like PLCs we can choose the system that makes the most sense for the application.

Hydraulic Design

Unique to our skill set is hydraulic design. We can help create a hydraulic system that can be controlled very accurately.

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